NEER INTERACTIVES is one of the leading analytical software and services company in India, with a strong technical team and an effective leadership team to incorporate world-class technologies with the aesthetic user experience for its customers. Our innovative and technological solutions focus on the thrust of the traditional industries such as Agriculture, forestry, and public safety. With a rich experience in data analytics, GIS and IOT we offer the most advanced IT solutions. To intensify the data accuracy, Drone technology enables us to build inspections and photography. Our in-depth knowledge of all current IT trends helps us to resolve specific business challenges and provide customized solutions to all technical requirements.

Our strong, talented team of thinkers, creators, producers, engineers, and domain experts deliver analytical solutions to enhance the business value. Our products provide customized business solutions required to analyze real-time data and provide effective solutions to aid decision making and increase productivity.




A. V. Ramana Rao

Shri A.V. Ramana Rao is Neer Interactives Chairman and founder. He is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and a great philanthropist associated with Sri Mouna Swamy Mutt, Courtalam - A renowned Hindu Charity Trust in Tamilnadu, Chennai. He is also the founder of Neeraja Transports - A Successful champion group in Logistics partnered with Indian Oil Corporation. He hails from Ongole, Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh


Dr. Rajeev. A. is currently working as an Engineering Leader for a major electric power company based out of Cary, South Carolina, USA. As a proven engineer in the mechanical stream, he has worked on material sciences in his doctorate and has been instrumental in guiding the industry leaders in oil and gas, metallurgy, material sciences. Being a change agent of the initiative, he is heading the firms IoT (Internet Of Things) initiatives leading clientele operations for effective transparency and accountability using technology and analytics and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company.


Jai Sankar.A is the CEO of Neer Interactives and he contributes in the conceptual modeling and enterprising the company in business exploration and also the expansion of the company's business to the sustainable ecosystem of IT. He is constantly the go-to person with respect to government and Industry solutions with the company’s focus. He has experience driven in Agri, E-Governance, Finance Tech (Microfinance, Auto Fin), Geospatial Information Systems, IoT, Data Analytics..


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Our key strength is quick adaptability and effective implementation of IT solutions with proactive change management methods. Our strength is proven by the versatility of our products and the profound impact created by us across several industries and domains.

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GIS & Data Analytics

Data is the core part of any integral business these days and analytics has become the essential critical element required for all of the disciplines and industries.

Technical Advisors & consultants

In today's world Data and Information Systems. is considered vital in all industries.


Businesses and governments are dealing with ever-increasing demand to become efficient and information technology-driven organizations.


The Geographic Information System(GIS) development division of Neer Interactives, develops systems for a wide range of applications such as; company-wide GIS services, asset management and operational systems, mobile and Internet applications, and integration of GIS services with company-wide ERP and CRM systems.

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