Neer Interactive

Small Scale Models

In restructuring to align with today's "digital first" imperative, companies will evolve into three "mega segments" based on how their business models change and how they interact with customers. Assessing the maturity of a company ’s content, ecosystems will dictate a range of actions that align with the business goals and fit within the context of the content and transformation objectives.

Our state of the art IT solutions serves from on-demand media to digital distribution.

VMG - Virtual Media Gallery

VMGVMG is the first virtual platform with a 3D revolutionary wall for all essential brand market leaders to accommodate their products, awards, snaps, snippets, artwork and video for the customers who are interested to know more about the company's products, clientele, vendors, and partners.

Utilization - Application:

A specially designed tool for marketing teams in the industry to enable them in showcasing the company's history and its rewards in quick fractions of minutes using themes and highly captivating buttons. VMG primarily focuses on helping you round the clock- user-friendly with no limitations on your own computers nor the private networks in showcasing your energy and creativity with quality oriented products for different types of user(s) with respect to their need of the hour, the age of the group and season of the year.

Advantages of NISL -VPG

  1. Interactive fluid mechanism displays on a 3D wall.
  2. Effective Management of Events, Photos, Videos with classes.
  3. Quick finite search with advanced functionalities without any limitations.
  4. Provision to start the album / photos as well as to share the comment.
  5. 24 X 7 Interactive user friendly system designed for zero down time.
  6. Powerful back office functionality for profile and security role management.
  7. Slideshow mode, adding background music of your choice where you can play, pause, fast forward and rewind,.. search on comments made, on titles, texture.

Supported for fabricating touch screen Kiosk-like model, Lobby rooms, etc,.. and much more to ensure the best customer experience with Logical User Centric Interface Design (LUCID) and Information Architecture (IA)

CIS - Construction Information System

CISCIS is the new evolution of software packages, designed extensively to help builders, entrepreneurs, contractors and the related workforces(staff) in the construction industry to accommodate their needs in all aspects.

Utilization - Application

The application centrally focuses on Customer Management System (customer file), Inventory management System, Tracking of labour, Accounting, Employee Management System, Reports daily/timely with the respective customer and project(s).

Advantages of NISL - CIS

  1. Effective handling of customers/project data
  2. Timelines and work status tracking.
  3. Mobile based messaging system - updates on the field work from site supervisor, Inventory system (godowns), Accounts department and Administration.
  4. Powerful back office functionality with HR management.
  5. Enhanced Access to data via reports like daily, weekly, monthly audit reports.
  6. 24 X 7 User friendly system designed for zero downtime.. and many more tuned to the user centric comfort for quality and standard procedures.


Inventory Management is the main process in any business operations, with the development of automated technology and availability of process-driven software applications. It is an automated system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. It can also be used to create a work order, bill of materials, and other production-related documents. Geo-enabled Inventory Management System is a combination of Android and web application which helps in providing solutions for end to end stock processing.

Features of Geo enabled System

  1. Web based Inventory Management System
  2. Web based Financial Management System
  3. Geotag enabled Android Application

The main objective of Geo-enabled Management is to provide an Integrated platform for both Inventory and Finance Management with a geographically locking mechanism which helps in tracking of goods and their related services.

The web-based inventory provides Stock management techniques like shortage of stock, Product based categorization, Indent raising form, Credit based transaction, Supplier registration, etc. The Inventory Management is associated with Finance Management System which is easily adaptable to the end user, thus saving the effort required for Change management. The Finance Management module is integrated with inventory and hence provides a basic accounting system.