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Social Welfare

Connectivity matters for social and economic development of any a society. Connectivity itself is seen as a solution to the complex developmental issues. ICT is the digital device, that makes information accessible in real time across the globe. It is the latest of network technologies as in the cases of earlier network technologies., the ICT adopter economies would prosper.

There is a critical need of an integrated platform of disbursing elements To to explore the relationship between social media and society with particular emphasis on how social media benefits towards social well being of the people, underserved communities, community organizations, groups, and citizens - there is a dire need of an integrated platform of the disburse elements that contribute to the social well being of the people.

ICT is viewed under 2 modes for triggering development -i.e Demand vs Need for Information -for triggering development." IT interventions and latest advancements'' evaluate and examines examine the ICT initiatives in terms of usability, accessibility, reach, scalability and, therefore it is, susceptible to become counterproductive.

GEO-AMS - Geo Tagging Asset Management System

GEO AMS is a mechanism to verify and analyze where the status of the asset can be verified and analyzed by capturing the real-time data through field verification process. The application follows data gathering, data mining, geo-analytics and Skill development analysis with guidance and support. In this connection, Neer Interactives has taken up a GEO AMS boot model project as a third-party audit from one of the Indian State governments on the pilot basis.

GEO AMS is an end to end solution for Beneficiary Asset Management which follows a life cycle of real-time data gathering, analysis and follows up action for the better administration.

Following are the important features of GEO AMS application

  1. Beneficiary Id Profiling
  2. Defaulter Analysis and Vigilance view
  3. Audio Conferencing and Video Calling to call beneficiaries.
  4. Integrated Voice Response System(IVRS)
  5. Text and Confirm Alerts for verification of beneficiaries.

Geo AMS system is designed with the focus on helping the governance with analytics from time to time helping in identifying the areas of appropriate demand (needs). Defaulter analysis works on the root cause analysis to help identity in determining the patterns and trends associated with the missing, not grounded, not available beneficiaries so as to in order to identify analyze the active and inactive pockets.

Besides helping the planning and evaluation team to address the need appropriately with the help of Hotspots (default wards, places), Hot Dots (default persons) and effectively improve the effective performance growth, the. Audio conferencing and Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) facility helps in ensuring the end user is in touch with the district/head office with a quality feedback.

SDIS - School Dropout information system

Neer Interactives proposes has developed an innovative, management solution that would allow the department in addressing the School dropout. It also and to analyze the factors affecting the school dropout, research evaluation and modelling.

This system acts as a decision-making system (Information System) with the following advantages:

  1. Plot all schools of districts on map and their all Meta properties on a GIS screen with program indicators with yearly.
  2. Identify, Analyze with Program indicators of operational efficiency will be decided by senior consultants and researchers of ISB, Sociology professors with research experience.
  3. Reports to help the school and district education / facility monitoring to evaluate the schemes spent.
  4. Help the Grievance cell meetings with the info of locations with tickets raised and solved and improve the processes to develop a community.
  5. Information related to School Dropouts & School Information of DISE (District Information System for Education).
    1. Provide recommendations and observations at District, Mandal levels for school education.
    2. Identify the gaps and give observations & provide training for the Operations team (DIO and training of trainers to help the objectives.
    3. Identify Migratory Pattern of parents with past data that result in the dropout with community, family and school.
    4. Outlined different ways in which school-level factors influence the dropout process, are included in the form of OSC with entered data With the further extension to this solution.
  6. Individual-and family-level factors causing students to leave before completing school.
  7. Information pertaining to Child marriages, Child atrocities, trafficking, Atrocities will be also connected to the schools info and women development department.