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Forestry is considered an important economic segment in various industrial countries. The Forest Management, Social Sciences, Soil & Hydrology, Wildlife management, Economics and Management, Fires and Fuel Management, Entomology, Pathology are some of the management teams actively involved in stabilizing the conservation of resources.

Forestry is a subject under the purview of the federal (Central Govt) and state governments., Extensive data transformation and interpretation is required for planning sales, estimating centers and monitoring cells, execution bodies and control teams in forestry.

IPIS - Integrated Plantation Information System

Integrated Plantation Information System (IPIS) is the proposed system for handling the operations on day to day basis and the system is transparent about the plantation and yield by enabling GIS(Global Information System) in the portal to track down the data statistics more precisely. By using IPIS, officials can easily access required data, based on the authority of access with strict protocols and validations of database restrictions. The system is made secure by enabling logins with pre-placed authentication levels and frequent update of data on a daily basis.

About IPIS: Neer Interactive Solutions provides software solutions for exactitude agriculture and plantation management. The importance of the agriculture and plantation sector in the country is increasing with the rising demand for raw materials and the decreasing supply from the forests. Neer Interactives has been constantly developing Management Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems, customized database applications, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence tools to improve and help organizations in effective decision support systems.

As part of many of its initiatives, Neer Interactives has been helping the State Governments to build effective and robust data-driven system. Integrated Plantation Information System (IPIS) is one of the highly appreciated systems for automating huge manual processes in an effective and highly responsive system. The software is developed to provide customers with improved management tools to enhance control and increase visibility into operation It also provides complete support to high-end Business Analytics model by improving the productivity at a reduced cost.

Integrated Plantation Information System

The software works as an end to end solution for the Forest Development Corporation plantations right from the planting to harvesting stage. This system provides both MIS and GIS based reports to the department for improving the performance, productivity and cost management.

Some of the major modules of the IPIS are

  1. Web Portal
  2. Plantation Estimation Manager
  3. Plantation Information System
  4. Finance Module linked to plantation cost
  5. Plantation Geo Tagging using Google Maps
  6. Production Management System
  7. Sales Management System
  8. Human Resource Management System
  9. Infrastructure Management System
  10. Document Management System