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News & Events

Neer Interactives(NI), a reputed GIS Intelligence firm based out of Hyderabad has come forward to join hands with Prakasam District Police in extending its support for; Crime Analysis and Prediction as well as Investigation. NI's CEO, Mr. Jai Sankar met the district super indent of police Sri Satya Yesu Babu and discussed on extending support to the e-verified project – ''an innovative thought of the esteemed officer'' and also the entire district crime analysis in view of the alarming property crimes and road accidents.

Neer Interactives is an analytical business Intelligence solutions and service company dedicated to providing unique customer-centric products for industries such as law enforcement, public safety, Agriculture, Forestry and social welfare. It provides innovative tools and subject-matter expertise needed to identify, analyze and resolve issues that affect citizens, communities, and nation.

Crime Mapping Analysis System(CMAS) developed by Neer Interactives is a web-based crime-mapping system to help combat crime and provide valuable information to the police department & public about the vulnerable places, thus ensuring safe neighborhoods. Analysis of the data(FIR) on the software will help police to warn the public about the crime trends and when to be more vigilant. CMAS uses the data(FIR) along with location details to map information helping to build a safe neighborhood.

Neer Interactives Chairman Shri Aluru Venkata Ramana Rao, a renowned entrepreneur and founder of Srigiri Sri Venkateswara Devastanam, Ongole is extending CMAS as a CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility project to the Prakasam District Police. CMAS will be implemented in joint AP at the Cyberabad city police in Telangana, East Godavari District Police in AP, Bangalore City Police Commissionerate, Karnataka.

In a training session held at the District Police office, Mr.Venkat Ram Dasika (Director – Projects & Research at NI) trained 5 Circle Inspectors and 23 Sub Inspectors of the district presided by DSP District Crime Record Bureau (DCRB) on the advantages of using technology in addressing crime.

Neer Interactives will be sharing its analytics expertise to the Prakasam district police to aid the prediction of the house break-ins, automobile thefts, child and women crimes and accidents analysis.

On behalf of the firm, Mr. Venkat expressed that his team is happy to work with the ground crew and empower them under the leadership of Sri Satya Yesu Babu Garu, whose enormous efforts in building and implementing e-Verify will decrease the crime rate.

We wish the implementation of the project can make Prakasam District a safer place for its residents.

AALIM (Andhra Pradesh Academy of Land Information Management) has teamed up with the Neer Interactives as Training Partner for AALIM to train the work forces in GIS (Geographic Information System) that includes Surveyors, Deputy Surveyors, Draftsmen and other supporting office. This Training would help the crew in ensuring an effective addressal in handling their routine day-day tasks so that performance will be increased, eventually. In addition, this training would also help them attend the challenges and gaps in data (missing data) from time to time. Neer Interactives create value through sharing knowledge, innovation and best practice.

Neer Interactives has already been working with the Department of Land Surveys and Settlements Since 2013 in AP has taken up initiative to support the Training Aids of the department as well. Neer has modelled the training methodology with lot of research to tailor the needs of the respective workforces.

Neer’s experience on Training, workshops, and “training of Trainers” sessions, where Neer will educate department heads who in turn train their workforce. Neer is also working with community colleges to integrate the GIS training into their curriculums. In collaboration with AALIM, Neer would offer tailored courses to other departments – working in citizen welfare, in security and safety, property and asset management with trainings in the next quarters of 2014.

Neer Interactives joins hands with Department of Agriculture Marketing in Effective Operationalisation of Agriculture Marketing System using Data Mining, GIS, Spatial Analysis.

AMRA is a web based application that can be accessed through the internet and can be accessed by anyone who has a net connection. The application will analyze various factors affecting the efficiency of Agriculture Marketing Yards. The study is entitled as, Effective Operationalisation of the Agriculture Marketing System using Data Mining, GIS, Spatial Analysis - using a case study on three commercial crops – Chillies (plant), Turmeric and Groundnut.

I wanted to thank you all for delivering an impressive final result on Drug Trafficking Analysis Research, as a system. Not only were able you able to work on modeling the analysis of Drug trafficking, the effective methodology and data analysis on victims is really outstanding.

I'm happy to put forward that Neer Interactives was able to do it with unmatched communication and service. How you could work with the myriad of technologies originally used and still turn out a quality product is amazing to work with the social causes addressal with the technical usage of GIS, Criminology, Mathematics, Information Technology.

The 4th Annual Conference of the Asian Criminological Society (ACS), is held in Seoul (Republic of South Korea from Aug 20th to Aug 22nd, 2012) have stated timely on fundamental truths about the role of criminology in the world justice with research and development.

The theme for the conference was "Development and Security: Rethinking Crime and Criminal Policies in Asia." Among the many distinguished figures in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice in attendance was Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol of Thailand who is also the Chairperson of the 21st Session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

The Director – Technology of Neer Interactives, Mr. A. Jaisankar has introduced the model of TAPAS to the participants and researchers ,while presenting the paper – Addressal of Human Trafficking – Commercial Sexual Exploitation in India & Abroad with GIS (Geographic Information System) Technology & Environmental Criminology, under Subtheme the Transnational Organized Crime in Asia.

The researchers from the United States, Thailand, Macau, China, United Kingdom, Australia, and Switzerland have shown interest in the model and discussed about the implementation factors for their respective countries.

The Regional Representative of UNODC East Asia and the Pacific, Mr. Gary Lewis has also participated in the conference and have delivered a speech entitled "Responding to the human security threat from Transnational Organized Crime in East Asia and the Pacific," at the conference.

The topics discussed are as follows

  1. Migrant smuggling in SE Asia.
  2. Human Trafficking women from SE Asia to Thailand.
  3. Transnational Crimes – Effective addressal of Human Trafficking.
  4. Migrant Smuggling from East / SE Asia to US and EU.
  5. Migrant Smuggling through region to Australia and Canada.
  6. Heroin trafficking .
  7. Methamphetamine trafficking.
  8. Illegal Wildlife trade.
  9. Illegal Timber trade.
  10. Illegal trade in electronic waste.
  11. Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS).
  12. Counterfeit consumer goods.
  13. Fraudulent essential medicines.

The ACS is a non-profit organization based in Macau, and has been holding annual conferences since 2009 to encourage research and cooperation amongst scholars and practitioners in criminology and criminal justice in Asia. This year's conference was co-hosted with the Korean Institute of Criminology, a member of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Network (UNPNI). The next annual conference of ACS is scheduled for 2013 in Mumbai, India.

In the event of the World Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Amrutha Foundations and Neer Interactives have organized Drug Awareness Campaigns in the city colleges, schools, malls and multinational companies as well.. The program is organized with the support of Neer Interactives in connection to the research taken up on Drug Abuse Analysis with Hyderabad City Police Commissionerate.

The Caption theme of this year is – "Hyderabad Says No to Drugs". The Hyderabad City Police Commissioner,Shri Anurag Sharma IPS has unveiled banners, posters, T-shirts for the campaign. DCP- West zone Stephen Ravindra IPS,Jaisankar Director Neer Interactives, Kalamandir foundation director Kalyan , Smt. Devika, Amrutha Foundations, Sheetal, Pattabi, Khaleel pasha from the Task force, Volunteers from Social Groups-Chaitanya, Poorna, Koteshwara rao, Saurav, Jaiesh, Srinivas have also participated in the launch.

Women Development and Child Welfare, Govt. of AP joins hands for an Innovation of Neer Interactives to fight with anti Human trafficking in AP.

Participated in "AP SOCIETY Conference" in june second week of 2010.

I am happy to place on record the effort made by Sri Jai sankar, Director (Tech), M/S Neer Interactives Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad in giving presentation on 30/06/2010 during 3days workshop on "Urban Policing & Challenges Crime Prevention and Detection for Good Governance" at The Regional Center for Urban and Environmental Studies (RCUES), Osmania University from 28th June 2010 to 30th June 2010. The Professionalism exhibited by Jai Sankar is appreciated.

GEO AMS, a third party audit system for real time monitoring of Beneficiaries was successfully launched by MD AP BC Corporation. This system helps in identifying the defaulters through Beneficiary Id profiling and lives feedback in the field level. The development of the project was taken up by Neer interactive Solutions (p) ltd. The project was initiated in the presence of MD BC Federation with real time feedback from the beneficiaries.

Neer Interactives successfully completed the third party audit for collecting the real time feedback from 3714 beneficiaries of AP BC Finance Corporation. In this connection, a project review meeting in the presence of Hon’ble Minister of AP BC Welfare was held for completion of GEO AMS project with live audio conferencing session between Minister and the respective beneficiaries of BC Corporation–lead by Neer Interactives.

Another Milestone project for APTRICOR has been initiated by Neer Interactives. The GEO AMS project has marked its presence in one more corporation in Andhra Pradesh state government. The successful launch and completion of GEO AMS in BC Corporation has helped to extend Neer Services to AP TRICOR. The Corporation has appreciated Neer’s services and awarded with another project of GEO AMS which is an extended achievement in Neer Interactives Career. The Knock off meeting was initiated in the presence of MD AP TRICOR by Neer Interactives.

Integrated Plantation Information System - IPIS is world class forest eco-system built on supply chain grounds and designed to help producers and corporations with effective administration. The product suite is customized to address the needs of end to end operations of Forest Management.

The application has been the iconic representation of the advancements in the information technological interventions in the forestry sector. This suite becomes the foundation layer housing the enterprise version of Geographic Information Systems helping the decision makers with the real time field data integration.

Neer Interactives is in discussion with few other State Forest Corporations and Departments in customizing the suite to address the need of the hour.

NISL's concept expertise meets the hardware and ground tools to explore and expand its horizons. Neer Interactives next plunge in to Geospatial data analytics has paved way for varied arenas covering not just the GIS based optimal planning, but, also a distinguished leap in to Agri-Agro, Forestry, Risk Management, Health, Education and geo based predictive modelling of trends based on the patterns derived out of past data analytics.