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Public Safety

Public Safety refers to the welfare and protection of the general public. Our primary goal is prevention and protection of the public from crime and disasters affecting safety.

CMAS - Crime Mapping Analysis System

CMASCrime Mapping Analysis System (CMAS), was developed on a mission "to reduce crime and make the society- safer by empowering the police officers with the best of the sophisticated technology down to their usability". The core application centers on the daily tasks of the police officers like mapping, patrolling, responding to citizens demands, investigating crimes, and generating desired reports with GIS - Geographic Information Systems are driven Intelligence.

Crime Investigation officers, Officers at Crime Record Bureau, Detective Agencies, Police officers on Law & Order, Crime analysts, Policy managers and planners use this system to identify the critical areas/points of crime with spatial analysis.

CMAS works on the principles of Environmental Criminology, GIS, crime algorithm (with the prediction model of Crime- causation and prevention) and Intelligent system Analysis which is based on the data and factors of sociological conditions of the society.

TAPAS - Trafficking Analysis and Prevention Aiding System

TAPAS TAPAS is a research project designed, outlined and architected by Neer Interactive Solutions private Limited (NISL). Neer Interactives designed TAPAS based on its rich experience gained while serving law enforcement, criminology, and a research group with the cooperation of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh- WDCW, Crime Investigation Department.

With the concept of Mathematical Criminology, NISL is working on a secure algorithm to build a model to predict the patterns and trends in Human Trafficking.

Unique identification protocol to study revictimization, recidivism, needs of the survivors and the reasons for the push/ pull factors for exploitation of women and children. Integrated information system Analysis was developed for the purpose of combating existing sex trafficking and modulating anti-trafficking solutions on the grounds of Mathematical Criminology, Geographic Information System, Law Enforcement, Environmental Criminology. , NISL is working in collaboration with the organizations working on Human Trafficking in East Asia and North America For its ‘Transnational crime area’ program.

The Research paper on the project - TAPAS (Trafficking Analysis and Prevention Aiding System) was selected for the ‘’35th All India Criminology Conference’’ at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and the ‘’4th Asian Criminology Conference’’ in Seoul, South Korea.

DTAS - Drug Trafficking Analysis System

The ever first drug analysis is taken by Hyderabad City Police with the collaborative efforts of NISL in the addressable of Illicit drug trafficking. According to the ‘’World Drug Report’’ illicit Drugs are victimizing nearly 60% of the teenagers in India. Exposure to pubs, clubs, the influence of media and movie industry, are listed as prime reasons for Drug addiction.DTAS

This research application has emerged as a system, focusing on the analysis Of victim profiling that can help in the overall address of the cause at the root levels in the investigation, prevention Rehabilitation and Protection. It also helps in identifying the vulnerable location of the transaction such that the likelihood of drug abuse-trafficking could be prevented or the victim could be rescued without much delay.

To address drug abuse/drug trafficking within the framework of social protection.

It assures the sustainability of anti-trafficking efforts and effective management of existing strategies.

It helps to develop case management protocols as well as standards of care with a citizen-centric approach and strengthen M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) efforts.