NEER INTERACTIVES is an analytical software and service company dedicated to providing unique customer-centric products for industries such as social welfare, law enforcement, public safety, and construction. We provide innovative tools and subject-matter expertise needed to identify, analyze and resolve difficult problems that affect our citizens, communities and the nation.



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A. V. Ramana Rao

Shri A.V. Ramana Rao hails from a small town Ongole, Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh (AP). He is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs, and as a great philanthropist in the region.


Rajeev.A is currently working as an Engineering Leader for a major electric power company based in southeast USA.He currently serves on the board of directors for Neer Interactives and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company.


Jaisankar.A, acting as CEO for Neer Interactive is working effectively in the business exploration and expansion of the company's business from the ground level to web development & services blending with Geographical Information Systems as its line.


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The Core strength of Neer team lies in its quick adaptability and effective implementation of IT solutions with proactive change management methods. This can be seen in the versatility of the products and the profound impact created by Neer across several industries and domains.

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GIS & Data Analytis

Data is the core part of any integral business these days, and analytics has become the essential critical element required for all of the disciplines and industries.

Technical Advisors & consultants

No matter what the field is (location and coordinates) - Data and Information Systems have a role to play.


Businesses and governments are dealing with ever-increasing demand to become efficient and information technology driven organizations.


The GIS Geographic Information System Development division of Neer Interactives develops systems for a wide range of applications, from company-wide GIS services, asset management and operational systems to mobile and Internet applications and integration of GIS services with company-wide ERP and CRM systems.

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